Monday, December 18, 2006

Goals for Week of Dec 18th

I didn't track my hours well this week so am unsure that I put in the minimum I'd set for the week. I know there were several days that I spent an hour or two working, but on the other hand, I did something 6 of 7 days. Surely that added up to the minimum 12 I had in mind?

I finished my nephews block, and the pinwheel quilt top. But I didn't get to the little piece with the sheer. So that goes to the top of the list for this week. I think I'll pull out a couple pieces from the grid series that were left in various stages of incomplete and get them to quilting stage. Then maybe next week I can devote my studio time to all quilting, using the smaller pieces as warm-up for the more demanding quilting I anticipate for the pinwheel quilt. So here are my goals:
  1. Minimum 4 days in the studio, minimum 12 hrs.
  2. Make small quilt from leaf print sheer
  3. Couch decorative thread on Grid 2
  4. Satin stitch squares to background of Grid 3

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