Monday, December 04, 2006

Goals? What goals?

I found myself in a bit of a snit today. Must be the holiday spirit kicking in...

Wish I could get over my dread of making phone calls and setting up appointments - I know that was a big part of my mood today. Dog needs to go to the vet, my hair needs a trim. Wish I didn't immediately think my day is shot if I have to run out for something. Need to run across town to pick up my sewing machine from repair. Have to go take my driver's test and get my Idaho plates this week. Just thinking about it makes me think I won't get any sewing done this week. I just want to sit and do nothing.

Bad plan. So I steeled myself and made phone calls first. Funny - made four in less than 10 minutes and got those appointments set up without a hitch. What made me think it was going to be so awful?

So should I go run the errands today or save it for tomorrow. Oh, heck - it's early in the day, and if I go now, I'll be back by lunch, leaving all afternoon to do whatever. So I make a quick list, grab a few things and tend to business. Five things taken care of and back in no time. And now I have my free-motion everything machine back just in time for the next step in my pinwheel quilt.

After lunch, the mood was back. I didn't want to go to the studio, but I really didn't want to do anything else either. I hate it when I get this way. So I made a cup of tea and decided to download my e-mail. I've signed up for Alyson B. Stanfield, newsletters and one arrived today. She encouraged that rather than be a Scrooge (like I was feeling), to take advantage of the season. Ok, fine! I'd been thinking about making some folded ornaments, so decided this afternoon was as good a time as any to do it. Here are the three I worked on, ready for a button or something to be sewn in the middle.

And on impulse, I also took the next step on my pinwheel quilt. I'd spent all weekend giving myself the "you're a fraud" lecture because this didn't seem to be turning out well, and I'd not been working on any art stuff. That's the big reason I didn't want to be in the studio, I'm sure. I thought if I was concentrating on the ornaments, I could ignore the other, but of course, I couldn't. See the next post for the results.

As for the goals for the week? I'm still tempted not to set any, but with what I got done and set up today, the week magically opened up. Will have to think on it tonight.


margaret said...

Intriguing, the ornaments -- do you have instructions? Hexagons=quilt; could these be used that way?

Felicity Grace said...

I wish I didn't but I SO DO relate to this post! I hate having to go out and I do think my day is shot if I have to. Some of the smallest things like getting in the shower late or having to make a call can really put a damper on my day. (Supermarket shopping in no. 1 on my hate-to-do list!)I wish there was some solution, perhaps its the unrealistic expectation that only a day with nothing to do but create is the ideal?
Other times, one really productive hour can be better than a day spent procrastinating at the desk. I think I need hypnotherapy or something!