Monday, April 23, 2007

Goals for the Week of April 23rd

As usual, today I was doing a bit of catch-up from last week's list of goals. I did well, actually, except that I always forget just how long it takes to hand stitch binding, which I ended up doing on Grid 3. I think I thought I'd be doing it all by machine, but once again, I failed to cut the single fold binding generously enough, so hand stitching to secure it to the back was my only option. That meant that the sleeve didn't get sewn on until today. I also failed to catch up my documentation, so it too got done today. Everything else on the list got done.

This week will be a lot of this and that as I try to get several projects close to completion. Plus it will be time for another journal quilt come Saturday. So here's what I hope to get done this week:
  1. Apply paint "sun beams" to Chinese poem challenge.
  2. Paint charcoal batik with white acrylic to mimic fog bank.
  3. Layer Willow Leaves 2 for quilting.
  4. Quilt piece made from curved piecing experiment.
  5. Make journal quilt

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