Sunday, April 08, 2007

Right on Cue

Yesterday was some kind of gorgeous with sun all day and temps finally reaching shirt sleeve status. My daffodils, which have been holding their buds quite tightly shut, gave way at last. It's lovely having fresh daffodils on the table for Easter again. They are not as big a deal in the Midwest as they are in this neck of the woods. I fondly remember my years in Tacoma, home of the annual Daffodil Parade, where spring and Easter were heralded by huge stands of daffodils for sale on many street corners. But I don't think I've had daffodils growing in my own yard for over twenty years! Nice, very nice.

Today is not such a nice day - cold, overcast, drizzly. The daffodils brighten things right up. Happy Easter to all!


vanessa said...

Happy Easter Aunt Sheila!
Your flowers are stunning! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy and am proud of your blog and work.
Impressive and inspirational. More to follow in email...

The Idaho Beauty said...

Why thank you, my dear! So looking forward to reconnecting.

Enjoy the day - the standing rib roast sounds awesome...