Thursday, April 19, 2007

Results of Last Paint Scrunching

I promised to share the results of my little trays of dabbed and scrunched fabric. I really did approach these in a "splash and dash" manner, very unlike me. Just quickly diluted some Setacolor paint, grabbed a variety of fabric scraps and started applying the paint. As a result, I'm hazy about the details of each piece. Some the fabric was wet before applying the paint, others I think I did dry. Some fabric was unbleached muslin and some was very pale peach and pink hand-dyed. I blame you art quilters for influencing me with your more casual approach to experimentation!

To be honest, once the fabric had dried enough to open up, I was pretty disappointed with the results. On most of them, all the paint had run up into the uppermost creases, leaving no color elsewhere, not even in the other scrunched lines. This is not what I remember from the first time I tried this. I wasn't seeing anything of interest. At least, not until I ironed them to heat set them.

Here is how most of them came out. The two pieces on the right are hand-dyes. The navy obviously was too dark, so the red doesn't show up as much. However, on the small light blue one, the red made a nice pinkish impression over it. The one running along the top used red and green paint that was mixed together, then painted over a pale peach hand dye. The one on the left is the same paint over pale pink. Once ironed I could see how the green separated out in places - it looks more brown than green. The top one is a long strip that has a lot of variety to the way the paint migrated. The big one in the middle is unbleached muslin that was dipped dry into the waste water used to clean the foam brush and I really expected more color overall. Instead, it looks like all the paint went into a few areas. There's no fine veining like I got with a previous try at this.

I also had a long narrow strip that I twisted and a shorter fatter one of muslin that I loosely pleated. Again, the paint just didn't do much interesting, or so I thought. As has happened to me before, I saw nothing while each piece was horizontal, but once I turned them vertically, it was a different matter. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm a bit warped because I can manage to see trees and landscapes everywhere. Can you see the pink tree trunk in this one, gently twisting toward the top and splitting into two limbs?

And you get extra points if you see the landscape potential in this one. Think promontory of land jutting into a lake at sunset...

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