Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Grid #3: Latticework

As promised, here is a full view of the now finished Grid 3 which has gained the subtitle of Latticework. The colors had to be adjusted with software; it didn't seem to matter under what light or setting I shot pictures, my digital camera wanted to read the teal green as teal blue. But I think this is pretty close now.

My own critique of this quilt (which measures 20" x 20") is that it is a bit tame, uninteresting in the color department, no real spark. Perhaps I should have been more bold with the type of yellow thread. No doubt the pink and teal combination still strikes me as not quite right as well. The pink did not get toned down nearly as much as I'd meant with the extra stitching. Click on either picture for a larger view.

I also think this would have benefited from a wider binding. Grid 1 & 2 both have half inch binding which seemed to help frame and balance them. I think I got lazy (or just rushed) and defaulted back to my typical (and traditional) quarter inch binding. But if I were to be honest, most of my more contemporary pieces have felt the need for a wider binding and usually get it.

As I held it up considering its faults, I momentarily considered adding something around the outside edge to create a wider ending - sewing this to a larger mount or even attaching prairie points. But no - this was an experimental piece that I've spent longer on than I meant to anyway, and I think I've learned all I need to from this piece.

I welcome comments - honest critiquing - as I'm still trying to figure out exactly why this not unpleasant quilt has disappointed me. I keep thinking it would make a fine throw for a small table rather than a piece I want hanging on the wall.

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