Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nearly done

Today I faced the last of the stitching on Grid 3. The first two in this series had specialty decorative threads couched along the vertical and horizontal lines through the squares. On this one I wanted to try stitching with one of my machine's pre-programmed embroidery stitches. I was pretty sure which of the two King Tut gold threads I would use but needed to try out some stitches.

The darker, more mustard yellow was making me nervous against the pink. So at the last minute, I gave the more muted one a try and it won out as did the undulating tulip stitch. It was the one that most looked like the leaves in the batik squares. Even so, I had resigned myself to not liking the effect once all those lines were stitched. I had no confidence that the yellow would look like it belonged on this quilt.

Once again, I experienced how a small sample can't really indicate accurately what the full effect will be. These lines of embroidery changed the whole complexion of the quilt, and for the better. Relief!

And once again, I've let a quilt take me on a roller coaster ride. From excited to disappointed, to encouraged to discouraged, from this is great to this isn't working to hey - I think I like this quilt. It's not the most exciting one I've made, but it has a pleasant quality to it. I tried taking pictures outside since the digital camera seems to balk at capturing the colors accurately inside, but these seem even worse. Full view with better color to come once the binding is on.

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