Monday, December 03, 2007

Goals for the Week of December 3rd

Final tally at the end of yesterday was a whopping 16 inches of snow. (see this post) That's my car pretty much buried. Of course, shortly after the snow stopped, the rain started, quite heavy at times, and is still at it. This means the snow pack is compressing and when I started shoveling out around the car this morning, I hit 3 or 4 inches of water underneath. Yes it is a mess, and I don't get plowed out until tomorrow. Good thing I work at home...

When I was still a long ways from having the baby quilt finished at the end of last week, I decided it was time to resurrect the weekly goals. I've assessed how much I think I can do per day to have it complete by Friday, and hope I can also do the last bits and pieces on the journal quilt. Then next week my priority will be to finish out the redwork cross. If I don't complete what I have lined out for this week, that cross will never be done in time for the auction. Here's what I came up with:

1. Finish baby quilt:

  • Monday - finish cutting, sewing and topstitching binding to blocks (completed)

  • Tuesday - Square up blocks & finalize arrangement. Start cutting binding for joining blocks into rows (99% sure I like the arrangement I ended up with today)

  • Wednesday & Thursday - Sew binding to blocks, zigzag blocks together and topstitch binding down

  • Friday - Bind outside edge, ink quilt info directly on back of quilt and take pictures.

2. Wrap up journal quilt:

  • Compose and print backing label

  • Fuse backing label to quilt and secure binding to back

  • Make written entry describing process in journal quilt journal

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Feather on a Wire said...

I like this goals idea. I really should have one for this week before my DD comes home from uni at the weekend.
My last week to get things done.