Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Other Side of Winter

In this post of a few days ago, I showed you my lake view reduced to winter shades of grey. When I turn from the lake and look north back towards my rental house, this is my view (not so inspiring, huh?). We'd had two days of brilliant sunshine, and this particular morning was quite cold and crisp. The mountains beyond the lake looked very much like they had on Sunday. So I was quite surprised to turn and see this swath of white against a very blue sky. We'd gotten no new snow, yet the mountains, often shrouded in clouds, obviously had. That's right, I remembered. Although the greens and riot of colors that permeate spring and summer quite disappear for the most part once winter sets in, a winter sky can still provide a spark of color in a shade seldom seen any other time of year. Set against the pure white of new-fallen snow, the effect is brilliant and one of the reason I love winter.

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Anonymous said...

Dang--is that snow? i need snow!