Monday, December 31, 2007

It's New Year's Eve...

...and I need to open some bottles of something so I can put my new wine stoppers to good use!

Brother Mad Max fulfilled my wish for "something made from birch wood" even though he complained that birch does not have an interesting or very visible grain, and is very hard to come by. "I don't care," I countered, "The Birch Lady needs something made of birch!"

He came up with the clever idea of trying birch plywood, and what stunning results that produced. But I like the "plain" one too. Now I have "color coded" wine stoppers - a dark wood one (similar to ones in this post) for reds, and these for whites - Thanks! (Proper hand-written thank you note is speeding on its way via Pony Express...)

And Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Especially good when you having so much "fun" that you can't tell the color of the wine in the bottle!

Happy New Year!