Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best Laid Plans...

I was hoping to keep my momentum this week with the daily 3 to 4 hours of studio work, but once you let the world back in, you have to be prepared for its demands I guess. I had double the distractions today: a dog still trying to shake the effects of being sedated for x-rays yesterday and a computer monitor that had to be replaced. It chose to go into permanent sleep mode about the same time as the dog returned from the vet to her own sleep mode.

When I finally convinced her to get up and out this morning, she soon crashed on the lawn while I puttered a bit in the garden. I couldn't blame her. The breeze under the shade of a tree was so pleasant that I jettisoned plans to work inside and grabbed my applique for an hour or so. But eventually I had to sally forth for a new monitor. Hate to spend the money, but I was trying to look on the bright side. When I got my new computer 4 years ago, I opted for a 15" flat screen monitor - huge compared to the 12 incher I'd been using. But I soon saw the limitations, but couldn't justify replacing it purely because of size.

I ended up with an HP 19" wide liquid crystal monitor with high ratings for color clarity and contrast. Oh, my...they're not kidding when they call this a "bright view panel." It is so crisp and brilliant that it almost hurts my eyes! And the picture is the same regardless of the angle I'm viewing it at. That wasn't true of my old monitor.

I've taken a look at my blog and can't believe how much better the pictures on it look now. It is as if I've been working in a hole, seeing through a glass darkly. And I love the bigger, wider size. Yikes! Can you tell I'm excited???

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Feather on a Wire said...

I know exactly what you mean. My DH got me a giant one for Christmas and I love it. I worrying it might get sick and I'd have to go back to a 'normal' one.