Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day

It's a holiday here in the U.S., us celebrating our freedoms. I took a holiday too from the studio and dived into my own attempt at freedom. The dog still had lingering skunk perfume about her, so got a soaking in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda followed by a good shampoo which worked remarkably well. It also did a number on her black hair which now looks quite a bit lighter around her head and front legs. Some people spend good money at a salon for such highlights!

I remembered too that "freedom" is my resolution word for the year. I'd kind of forgotten about it and have let myself get pretty bogged down recently. When I remembered it again, I realized it was just what I needed to get me going, that promise of personal freedom if I just get down to it on these things I want or have to do. So along with tackling the dog, I re-potted two plants that have been sickly ever since the move and begging me to give them some attention. I gave my garden a good watering. I vacuumed and changed the sheets and did some laundry. I draped my blanket and quilt from the bed over the fence to air. I tossed some flowers that were well past their prime. I fixed a macaroni salad for dinner. I washed a sink full of dishes. I was a downright flurry of activity!

Maybe this doesn't sound like freedom to you, but now that all this is done, I will have no distractions tomorrow, no niggling guilt about what I should be doing, nothing to keep me from enjoying a day in the studio. Freedom is not a gift or a given. Freedom always has to be earned, whether by a country or by an individual. May you find the freedom you desire this day.

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