Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dealing with Distractions

I went into this week knowing it would be full of diversions that would make putting in my studio time a trick. Today was my first uninterrupted day so I've been putting in some serious time to make up for the short days so far. I've had to divert from what I originally planned for the week, but that's not a bad thing. At this point, it all needs doing, and no one thing has more importance or priority time wise than another. In fact, my decision to alter my goals for the week was partly determined by my old friend, sequence of events. The project I thought 2 weeks ago I'd be ready to tackle is still buried under bits and pieces of another that I didn't get as far on as hoped.

So after thinking it over and studying the mess still on my worktable (which IS improving, by the way), I decided to go ahead with preparing two more sections of the azalea mosaic for applique. I've finished enough of the green squares to add the two pieces at the top and am back to basting. The squares that I marked on the back still show well, but I can see evidence that the lines are fading in places, so it's a good thing to stop appliqueing and get the rest of the fabric in place.

Every time I pick this piece up, I'm reminded how much I enjoy, and on a certain level, need handwork in my life. It rarely feels like work at all, nearly always calms me, even when I don't realize I'm in need of calming, and provides visible evidence of progress made. Plus I can take it outside with me so I can enjoy as much of lovely summer weather as possible.

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