Sunday, July 06, 2008

Continuing the Good Vibrations

Thank you for the kind comments on yesterday's post - they mean a lot to me. Since it's still the weekend, I found myself extending my time of warm feelings and memories into today. It seemed very appropriate to work a little more on my "guys ties" project.

I disassembled the rest of the ties, then washed and ironed them. Here's my new assortment of silks to work with. I'm showing right and wrong sides of some of them because either could be used. That red on top bled and bled and bled some more. But it finally slowed down enough to call it good. No color transferred to the towel protecting my ironing board when I pressed it.

And here are the beginnings of some pairings. It will be hard to put this aside tomorrow, but I think I need to start the machine quilting I had on the list of things to accomplish in this two week period. I'll leave everything out as a carrot to motivate me to work work work on that quilting this week so I can return to my New York Beauties.

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