Friday, May 21, 2010

Challenge preview

I worked on my response to June's Little Rogue River challenge today. Last week I was digging out this fabric to make a sleeve for "Lights of Las Vegas" and thought it would make a good background for what I had in mind. The design and colors echo the theme I plan to pursue. I hate the term "serendipity" but that's what it was. I've pinned my paper window to it so I know exactly the size of the space I'll be working within.

The inevitable auditioning of fabrics - you can just see my print-out of June's painting on the upper left. Some of this got cut up and arranged.

And speculation about incorporating tulle or the silk organza I bought in Portland. I have an idea, but am not sure I can pull it off effectively. Mulling for now and will tackle it more tomorrow.

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