Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Next Assignment

June has sent along a painting of the Little Rogue River as my inspiration for our April Challenge. As usual, I ooh,and ahhed over it, and allowed my good feelings about it to block any thought of how I could creatively work with it. Oh, I had a few thoughts about white arcs and beading, but basically thought I'd better not look at it too much right now. Don't need to start on it right away, and I've been focused on getting my computer cleaned up and functioning properly again. Having succeeded there, I delved into catching up on my blog reading. Lo and behold, the right side of my brain got to work while I was distracted. A couple of things bubbled to the surface, and I knew I'd better jot them down before they disappeared into the recesses of my muddled brain. A couple of blog entries gave me ideas. More jotting. Gosh, I think I could dive right in on it now!

I've been working on straightening the studio as well as straightening out my computer. Frankly, it had become an undesirable place to walk into - fabric stacked on the floor, on the table, working space on that table reduced to mat size, things buried and hard if impossible to find. I've had so much nervous energy lately but difficulty focusing it on my sewing, or even this clean-up, but over a few days I've made real progress. It really was to the point that I couldn't continue with the Stack-n-Whack star quilt, or even very easily deal with the edge finishes on my last two challenge quilts. After yesterday's stint, a lot of table surface appeared, so maybe today I can actually do some work. A perfectly pristine studio may not inspire a lot of creativity, but an overly cluttered one can be equally uninspiring.

Addendum: After posting, I hopped over to June's blog and found she too had just blogged about our April Challenge. See what she has to say about color palettes, style and the benefit of working in challenge mode here.

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