Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a non-holiday for me anymore. I never had kids, except the furry kind, and am without even that at the moment. My own mother died in 1989. But most churches make some kind of a big deal out of the day, and mine was no exception. Apparently it is traditional for the men to put on a breakfast after the service, a tradition that has been on hold while we renovated our "new" building to include a kitchen. Our congregation is aging, so many of us are in the same boat as I am - no living mother to honor. So on a whim, I suggested we bring pictures of our mothers to put on display, to honor those who could not be with us on this day. And then we made a guessing game of it. A few mothers were easy to match up to their "children" that we knew. Others totally stumped us. Everyone had great fun. This is the picture I took - my mother in the '30's, I believe right after she graduated from college. What a beauty, and so I was quite flattered that so many guessed correctly who she belonged to. Thanks mom, for passing on your beauty, and oh so many lessons that still resonate today.

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