Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cheerfulness a deterrent?

"Eggplant ala Albars"
12" x 12" Art Quilt
Gerrie Condon 2011

"Being cheerful is really no recipe to get down to work: nothing happens until paranoia, jealousy, competitiveness and guilt arrive."

Oh dear, could this be my problem this week? I had envisioned quiet, carefree days between Christmas and New Years in which to spend some quality time in the studio. But here it is Thursday already and I am just getting in there this afternoon to finish up that 4th Mountain Ash Berries postcard that I am keeping for myself, and pull fabric for a new art piece. I find I am still surrounded by a lovely bubble of warmth and love from the holiday preparations as well as cards, greetings and gifts from friends and family. In other words, I am very cheery as I write my thank you notes and go about the ordinary business of my life. Well, guilt does lie just around the corner, I feel it. But as for paranoia, jealousy and competitiveness, those don't factor into my creativity much anymore, nor when they do, do they really help in getting me "down to work." I don't subscribe to the angst philosophy of producing art. What may motivate most is admiration, not jealousy, which then makes me want to elevate my own work in response, but not in a competitive way.

Contributing to my glowing well-being is the little quilt above. I won it in a drawing on Gerrie Congdon's blog, and as if it were one more Christmas gift, it arrived just a few days before that holiday. It is one of several that she did for the Twelve by Twelve "eggplant" color challenge and it is lovely. Made from silk, it is quilted in a grid with various colors of thread. I love that effect and how the thread color plays tricks on the eye to make it believe the fabric underneath varies in color as well. I want to do more of this sort of thing myself in the new year.

But for now, off to cheerfully finish up my postcard...

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Suzanne said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Idaho Beauty. Your cheerfulness philosophy and attitude was just what I needed to get down to work today. Thanks!