Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Greetings of the season regardless of your beliefs. It's that warm fuzzy time of the year, and I hope that you are enjoying it in some way with the special people in your life, and also remembering those who have made past Christmases a sweet memory. I don't do much in the way of decorating anymore, finding I am quite satisfied with this little tree surrounded by the cards & presents that have been coming in. A bonus was waking this morning to softly falling snow. I was sure the weatherman said last night not to expect any until later in the day, and then not much, followed by snow/rain mix after dark. An ugly thought with people going out to services this evening - including me although I don't have far to go. Instead, this steady light snow has already left a couple of inches making it definitely feel like Christmas.

Also making it feel like Christmas was the arrival of Mr. FedEx with this package. I instantly knew what waited within since I got a similar one for my birthday - chocolate covered strawberries. I lost no time doing as the box instructed...yum! In addition to the fruit, that's a very large chocolate wreath loaded with half a dozen different kinds of nuts. That's my kind of chocolate.

Lest this all be about me, I'm also taking time today to bake cookies for some last minute gifts and write a few checks to charitable causes. I had an unexpected number of art sales this year (the most recent just a few days ago) after a discouraging 3 years of none. It appeared that once I gave up on the idea that my work would sell in an economy where many struggled to meet their basic financial obligations, that letting go allowed it to happen - in its own time I'm thinking. Whatever the reason for my success this year, I am grateful for the patronage of not only a few friends, but also a total stranger. I'm not sure why I needed the validation of that total stranger more than validation from friends, but I thought I did. Further reflection makes me realize I should not discount the importance of anyone wishing to put forth money for my art, whether they know me or not. Perhaps that should be the most important validation of all, that coming from friends. At any rate, it reminded me that in the past I've always donated a percentage of my quilting income to charity, and I needed to figure out where to send this delightfully large sum of money. I'm thinking The Heifer Project may be just the thing - looking at shares of a llama that would provide wool and income to a Peruvian family and shares of a sheep that would provide wool & income to an Arizona family - fiber being a nice tie-in. May you too find a way to share whatever bit of abundance that has come to you this year.


Connie Rose said...

Happy Holidays to you, too, Sheila. Congrats on those sales this year. I'm secretly hoping for the same kind of thing ~ let it go and it comes back to you. Love that you're donating to the Heifer Project. Hugs to you!

Sherrie Spangler said...

Merry Christmas, Sheila! Softly falling snow sounds delightful.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to following your blog. It has been a joy in the last few weeks. You have inspired me to tap in, once again, to long dormant creativity. Happy Holidays.