Sunday, December 04, 2011

Thankful for the Sun

Yes, the sun made an appearance today, taking the edge off an otherwise chill day. As I stood by the lake, soaking it in, I chanced to look up at the big willow, that sun lighting up its branches. So often, I see it only as a silhouette.

I'm guessing you gray naysayers like this juxtaposition of yellow better.

There was red too. I never remember the name of the bush that produces such a thick array of red berries each fall.

Out on the lake, the water was setting up interesting lines and angles, driven by the uneven bed below.

And up in the sky, the moon shared space with some clouds.

Couldn't help it - that jet trailing contrails looking all in the world like it was headed directly for the moon reminded me of scenes in old sci-fi movies.

Just when I thought I was done shooting pictures, I chanced to take one more look back as I passed by the willow tree. Framed within the branches was the moon, and I got some great shots using the zoom, even without a tripod. Some decidedly artsy ones below.


PaMdora said...

Those photos of the big moon behind the willow tree are enchanting!

Michele Matucheski said...

Lovely moments you caught this week!

Sherrie Spangler said...

WOW, those last few shots of the moon are fantastic! We had sunshine a few days ago -- sure was nice, but cold.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks everyone! Now if I could successfully transfer the loveliness & enchantment to fiber I'd be a happy camper. Yes, Sherrie, nice but cold describes here too. My fingers got very cold before I finally put the camera away.

Sujana said...

Lovely photographs!