Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Part

At last, the part for my sewing machine has arrived and has now replaced the troublesome one above. Tomorrow, machine quilting can begin in earnest. It had better, as I have just under a week to finish Poppies & Peonies for the next exhibit. Who would think it would take over a month to get a simple part like this for a machine that is still in production?

My repairman was surprisingly indignant at the cost of this part. It's just a molded piece of plastic that slips over the end of the metal shaft that moves up and down, held in place by an Allen screw (top). It has a wee bit of metal wire to keep the thread from swinging wild and a smaller hole in the bottom to insert the needle, held by another screw (lower). If you look closely you can see how that lower screw broke off below the surface of this part, inaccessible and thus causing the purchase of the replacement part at $30. If I had not had an extra screw, that would have cost me another $7. Thank goodness, my repairman did not also tack on labor for switching the parts out.

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Feather on a Wire said...

And that would be why I had to have a good back up machine.There's life's frustrations and there's being without our sewing machines...
Hope you get it finished on time!