Saturday, December 03, 2011

Playing Telephone

My cousin, Laura, sent me a little challenge, a box that is making the rounds in a game of Telephone. To be honest, this is not a game I played when young, except for once at a youth group where it totally fell flat. The idea is that whatever is whispered to the first person will become totally distorted by the time it is whispered to the last. In my case, it was faithfully repeated the entire way around, much to the consternation of the adult leading the activity. I've seen the quilter's version of telephone in one of the popular magazines, and frankly, I thought most of the participants took huge liberties in interpreting what was "whispered" to them. In many cases, I could not see the connection at all.

So here it is my turn and I can now see how easy it is to take a big leap. Above is what my cousin "whispered" to me. I thought all week about it, mostly sussing out the meaning of the quotation from Shakespeare. I'm not sure the casual observer can see the connection between her piece and mine, but in my mind, it is there. By the way, this is not a fiber specific challenge as participants are to respond on supplied 5-1/2" by 8" cardstock, but my cousin thought it might be interesting to add that dimension so sent it my way. I used bits and pieces of leftovers from the Strawberry Moon series and eyes I'd printed on TAP and transferred to fabric for use on Masks. Those eyes did not turn out at all as I'd envisioned so they were looking for a home. The poem is one I wrote earlier in the year. It's not great art but this was a nice little diversion today while I continue to wait for my sewing machine part to arrive.

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