Friday, December 02, 2011

December Goals

I get a big kick out of Austin Kleon's newspaper blackout horoscopes. Above is mine for December - something to think about and it makes me smile. You can see all of December's horoscopes here. As for what I think I'll really do in terms of "The Plan", looks like December will be more of the same in terms of goals - having to move a lot of November forward. Actually, I know that setting these goals won't necessarily result in everything on the list each month getting done. Life happens, priorities change, and one must always be open to following the muse who does not always like what's on the list. However, it is very helpful to me to have a basic framework, something I can go to on those days when I can't think what to do. And past experience tells me that by setting frequent goals, I'll be less likely to look back with regret and more likely to be able to work at a sane pace to complete work for events I want to be a part of. It's part organizer, part motivator. So at the risk of sounding redundant plus overly ambitious, here's what I hope to work on this month:
  1. Quilt and bind Poppies & Peonies for December exhibit
  2. Quilt 3x3 discharge piece. Possibly experiment with cutout and suspending plate
  3. Sketch full-size patterns for shadow grass & fall furrows
  4. Play with mountain ash berries idea (in postcard format)
  5. Work up abstract willow idea
  6. Work up free-motion stitched seed head idea
  7. Continue hand quilting on Masks

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