Tuesday, December 27, 2005

About yesterday...

I am my own worst enemy. Not only do I see the glass as half empty, I get ahead of myself and try to pour a bit more out of it! That's the only explanation to what happened yesterday.

I'd given myself the weekend off and spent it very enjoyably baking, listening to Christmas music, watching figure skating and chatting with friends & family on the phone. No way did I want to spoil it with "work" which in this case was starting on my guild's newsletter. It usually takes the better part of three days to pull together and prepare for mailing, so I often try to do a little here and a little there instead. But I hadn't touched it at all so knew I'd have to really be focused come Monday. Already I was ruing the time it would take away from my studio, as if I'd have no time at all this week for creative endeavors. Um, aren't there 7 days in a week and after the first three, won't you be free to sew? Oh, yeah...I guess you're right. Quit whining.

Unfortunately, someone mentioned that Monday was the official federal holiday, so no mail deliveries. Mmm, I hadn't thought about Monday being a holiday. Must mean I can give myself another day off, right? I knew I couldn't, but subconsciously the seed was planted and I wasn't keen on getting to that newsletter. I fell back into bad habits and wasted (yes, really) the better part of the day. I eventually gave myself a stern talking to and made good use of the last few hours, but it was such a silly thing to do. At least if I was trying to put off something I didn't want to do, I could have used the time more productively. A lesson I haven't mastered.

Rather than stay mad at myself, I tried to think why this had happened and how I could prevent the same thing happening as the week progressed. Then it dawned on me: I hadn't taken time to write out what I needed to do each day this week or established my creative goals for the week. I was just carrying that info around in my head where it made me uneasy. Before going to bed, I took a few minutes to scope out the rest of the week on paper.

Today went much better. I worked hard all day and the newsletter is ready to take to the printer tomorrow. I'll run the rest of the week's errands while I'm out, leaving me all of Thursday and Friday and as much of the weekend as I care to my sewing.

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