Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Goals for Week of Dec 12th

As I indicated in yesterday's post, I didn't get quite as far on Christmasy things over the weekend as I'd hoped . I was already wondering if I should bother with setting creative goals for this week knowing I should work on a couple of gifts and that today would be mostly shot with errands and appointments. My week seemed to be gone before it even started! Wow, what defeatist thinking, I realized. Not to mention the fact that everyone else has to deal with Christmasy things too while juggling much more responsibility than I do. I thought of Felicity's mild rant about "who isn't busy these days?" and agreed, that's no excuse for not making time for what you deem important. So stop whining and set some goals!

As it turned out, yesterday went really well and I got almost all of my Christmas preparations done. In spite of those errands and appointments today, I managed about 30 minutes in my studio. Amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. As for goals, I decided there was nothing wrong with having them include working on those gifts.

It occurred to me, though, that I was wording this all wrong. To say my goal would be to "work" on the pillow top for my friend, for instance, was not specific enough. It implied that I did not expect to complete it. It did not indicate what part of the process I would try to complete. It didn't demand a lot and made assessing my progress difficult to meaningless. A goal needs to be more specific. So with that in mind, here are my goals for the rest of the week:

  1. Pillow for gift: Choose and sew borders on photo-printed fabric. Complete minimal quilting. Bind edges with back.
  2. Small quilt for gift: Cut and sew three blocks and join.
  3. Hand quilting on Lone Star quilt: Complete two corner motifs and one heart.

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