Monday, December 12, 2005

One thing leads to another

This picture is one I took out my parent's living room window (with an Instamatic no less!) over 30 years ago. It was on my mind because we've gotten just enough snow on the ground for me to want to change my computer wallpaper from a fall one to a winter one. Oddly enough, I didn't have a decent digital one at hand but also didn't want to take the time right now to dig this one up and scan it in. The weekend was supposed to be devoted to Christmas preparations: composing a letter, printing off mailing labels, getting three packages gift wrapped and boxed for shipping.

It was that last one that tripped me up. I remembered I'd borrowed a family photo album to scan some pictures and intended to return it in the Christmas package. I hadn't gotten around to the scanning, so everything halted while I did that. In the process, I got out some of my old albums to make sure I wasn't scanning one I already had. Ran across several from my brother's wedding reception which resolved the argument we'd had back in September about when that was. (When you've been married three times, some of those early details blur I guess.) It was 36 years ago so we all look really young and I couldn't resist scanning a couple of them to e-mail to the brothers. And yes, I stumbled on my winter scene as well, so might as well scan it too while everything is out and fired up.

Do you think I could scan just one image? Of course not! There were, in fact, two different angles which I couldn't decide between. Then I hit the "color restoration" button and got a whole different look. Mmm, what if I played a little with the contrast, brightness, saturation on my own? And lets get some high resolution ones as well because I might want to play more with these and print them out. Well, you can see how one thing led to another and I didn't get as far on my Christmas tasks as I'd hoped. But I sure had fun! Consider this my little Christmas gift to you.

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Anonymous said...

Just in passing; I miss the snow, thanks for the pictures. I love Idaho.