Monday, December 26, 2005

Update on last week...

I totally sabotaged myself today, so I don't have proper time at the moment to report in on last week or tell you of goals for this week. However, I thought I'd quickly share the results of my play day on Friday. I got those paints and rubber stamps out and gave it a whirl. Had a momentary "freeze" as I was confronted with three types of paints and half a dozen colors of each to match up with a stack of fabric and those stamps. Ack! Where to begin? But I remembered sage advice from somewhere - JUST DO SOMETHING!!! - and once I'd made that first choice, the fun of experiment took over. I didn't do a lot, but what I did was instructive. For instance, I thinned Liquitex Acrylic with water - too much water. Had to thicken it back up to get it to adhere to the stamp. You can see my tests on the white paper and the real deal on the two lighter squares to the right.

Then I switched to Versatex fabric paint. I didn't thin it at all although I think I could have. It's not as thick as the Liquetex out of the jar. It is advertised as not changing the hand of the fabric and I'd vouch for that. The teal was absolutely luscious! The silver was used in the small black square - very faint. (Both brands of paint may be found at Dharma Trading Company.)

I tried several ways of applying the paint to the stamps including one of those small wedge foam applicators. The brayer worked the best. I also tried rolling the loaded brayer over the black fabric as it rested on the orange netting. I really like the texture doing that sort of thing produces. The large green piece below was done by wrapping rubber bands around the brayer before rolling it in paint. As you can see, I ended up getting paint on more than the rubber bands which transferred in big globs on the fabric. Not exactly the effect I was going for, but at least I could see the potential in the rubber bands. I realized afterward that this piece reminds me of the results of finger painting as a child. Must be that color.

The fern-like design is a commercial stamp - I just love it. But I was most excited by the design right under it and on the small green square. It is something I glued up myself from slivers trimmed off a set of Celtic stamps you assemble yourself. I originally thought I would use it to stamp repeating sections turned the same direction or alternating directions, but I really like the look of stamping over the top of each other in different directions.

Best of all, I've got an idea of how to use some of these pieces and am excited to make up a small quilt with them. Usually my experiments go in a box I might as well label, "What in the heck can I do with THIS?"

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