Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Goals for Week of Dec 26th

This public goal setting is working really well for me so far. Not only am I getting things done, I'm feeling so much better about myself in general by week's end. I've needed to get some control back into my daily life, and I thought that if I could make it happen in the studio, then I could make it happen in general. I got a little off this week, but I can mostly track that to not getting those lists written.

Another observation about the goal setting. I am setting the creative goals outside of the studio. When I am in the studio, emotion seems to take over. I lose time going from one thing to another until I settle. I set priorities on odd criteria including guilt and aversion. When I am not in there looking at all the reminders of all there is to do, I seem to be more dispassionate. Priorities are based on more rational and businesslike thinking. Then when I enter the studio, wants and likes and need to's don't have to enter in. I'm finding that having made the decision of what to work on several days in advance helps me move along more quickly while I work, not wasting time on wondering if this is what I should be working on. It's on the list; it's what gets done. I like the lack of hesitancy. And even when I've faltered momentarily, like when I was faced with all those paints and rubber stamps to choose from, rather than running screaming from the room (I Can't Do This!), the list of goals sitting there quietly reminds me to get on with it - it's ok. Seems silly but I have really felt the power of committing to those written lists. Confidence and self-esteem are returning.

The only goal I'm having difficulty reaching is the one set each week for the hand quilting. I've got to pin down what my problem is there. Once I get going, I'm fine, but I sure haven't wanted to make the effort each night, so never quite attain the progress I'd hoped.

I'm feeling iffy about the goals for this week. It is a short week for the studio and I want to work on an idea I had for some of the stamped fabric before I lose it. This will not be a traditional rendition and I'm not good at estimating how long non-traditional work takes. Plus, I have some straightening up I need to do before launching into a new project. Clutter is one of the things that makes it hard for me to work, so cleaning up the clutter rather than shoving it to one side is important. I think I'm also starting to feel the pressure of the New Year lurking; I've committed to teaching a workshop and making pieces for two challenges in the first few months of the year. I've purposely put off thinking about either one till after the first so that I could play and experiment. This week almost felt like my last chance before responsibility returned.

Well, enough! Here are some goals for this week:
  1. Heat set stamping from last week.
  2. Finish gluing leaf shapes to bases for future stamping experiment.
  3. Construct quilt top from 3 stamped squares and quilt. (Bind if time.)
  4. Finish quilting motifs in current square of Lone Star (1 corner & 2 hearts)
  5. Start sewing strip sets for WFW quilt.


Linda said...

I'm watching with interest, your progress towards a more disciplined way of working. I make lists for the day job, but rarely for my quilt time, and having read your blog am wondering why?
Then I took a look at Melody Johnson's blog and there is the goal setting again. Take a look at her Dec 30th article -

Happy New Year to you,

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for alerting me to this link - I don't read Melody's blog on a regular basis. I swear to God, it wasn't me who posed that question, although she sounded like a carbon copy of me!
I agree with most of what Melody says here - they are the things I've discovered over the last couple of months and am working on. She just has summarized and said them so well.
I don't agree with her opinion of challenges, though. Maybe at her level or experience or background they are a waste of time, but I have found them immensely motivating and focusing. Of course, I don't do every one I hear about - I DO pick and choose and try to use them to explore ideas I already had or techniques I'd wanted to try. Different strokes for different folks.