Sunday, December 18, 2005

Progress Report - Technical Info

Considering how I felt a few days ago, I'm pretty darned pleased with myself right now. I managed to put the finishing touches on the pillow top and join the three traditional blocks today. This evening I'll spend a little time with my quilting so should meet that goal as well. I can start fresh tomorrow.

Oh, and I got notes written on all my Christmas cards but two this week. Not to mention I took time out on Saturday to meet with a friend over coffee (mmm - eggnog lattes at Borders!). So you'll excuse me if I'm dancing around a bit!

Two observations for the week: 1) Again, I felt my written lists saved me from frittering away my time or worse, giving up on my projects. 2) A part of me was hoping my friend would cancel; I felt I had so much to do and my time would be better spent at home. Well, she didn't cancel and neither did I. After chatting and sharing and sipping that latte, I realized this was just what I needed: to get out of the house and away from my work.

I am not posting a picture of the pillow at this time, but here is one done in a similar manner. I was dithering over how to do this - the more traditional way with binding around the edges and an overlap on the back, or this method which uses a large rectangle with sides folded under twice, one seam along the bottom and buttons along the sides to finish it off. I went with the latter because the center panel was not square and that would be accentuated on a square pillow, especially if edged with the same fabric as used to edge the center. Besides, I probably didn't have enough of that fabric left for binding. (I make so many design decisions based on what I have on hand.) This method also allowed me to use some buttons from my grandmother's collection to add another layer of meaning to the gift.

I used paper instead of fabric under the batting when I quilted to reduce bulk and to protect the Thermore batting from the feeddogs when they weren't down. It also gave a nice stable edge to sew the single fold binding to. The paper was removed and the binding pulled to the back, but without turning under that edge like you would if it were exposed. Pins were placed parallel to the seam and the piece centered on the pillow top (held in place with a few more pins). Using clear thread, I stitched in the ditch all around which secures the binding but leaves its outer edge free. Adds a nice dimensional touch, but you could just as easily blind stitch that edge down as well. There are no buttonholes along the sides. On one side the buttons are sewn on through all layers. On the other side, they are sewn on through the top layer only, then I used Fabri-Tac to add Velcro under them for easy opening. The original directions had you adding the pillow form and sewing the buttons through all layers, but I like to be able to remove the form without unsewing anything. If making buttonholes doesn't give you grief, that would be a great way to finish it off as well.

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