Monday, December 19, 2005

Goals for Week of Dec 19th

The temptation, of course, is to not set any goals for this week leading up to Christmas. At least, nothing beyond finishing up the little gift with the three traditional blocks started last week. However, I have no good excuse for not put in some work. See? The goal-setting habit is good for me! Still, I'm tempted to keep it light; tomorrow promises to be a day of mundane chores the likes of which normal people attend to on the weekend. Maybe I can get that stamping experiment in this week. I've got the additional supplies now. Sounds like a plan.

So here are my goals for the week:
  1. Quilt and bind the little gift quilt.
  2. Apply embellishment to border of "Something Bold."
  3. Experiment with stamping
  4. Quilt 1 corner motif and 2 hearts on Lone Star
One of the habits I'm trying to break is the tendency to make a big production out of everything I do. I can take the simplest projects and make them much more complicated than they need to be. And more time-consuming, too, of course. I headed that direction several times in the course of making this current gift. All I need to do is simply set the three blocks together in a row, a bit like a tablerunner, stitch-in-the ditch and call it good. Thank goodness I was working with a limited supply of fabric again and nothing else in the house to augment it, although don't think I didn't spend time searching just in case. And wondering if I should set them on point. And thinking about other options. Good grief! This is not a masterpiece, nor an heirloom. Neither is it going off to be judged in some competition. It's just a small token of friendship.

If only someone would create and hire me to head up their D & D department; there's nothing I excel at better than D & D - Dithering and Dawdling. It's that moment's hesitation when I know darn well what I need to do, but question if there might be a slightly better solution. Now, there's nothing wrong with questioning and considering options, but it sure slows you down and isn't always necessary. Today it was not necessary, but as I looked for batting and backing, I caught myself wasting time considering various options. Fortunately, with my goal firmly in mind, I kept mentally shaking myself back to reality and got my little quiltlet quilted and the binding sewn on. I still need to hand tack it around to the back, but will do that tonight probably. With any luck, it and the pillow top will get in the mail tomorrow. I'd say the week is off to a good start.

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