Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baby Steps

There are times when I wish I could work faster, but experience has taught me there's no point in trying to rush some parts of the process. As long as I move along a little at a time, the proper answers will present themselves, and I will save myself a lot of grief.

Such seems to be the case with Off the Grid. While a simple piece, it has not been a straight forward one, full of decisions less about design than about approach, which is dictating the sequence of events. I had my little triumph yesterday, after pulling half a dozen possibilities for a border to confirm a thread color. Questions remained to be answered before I could proceed with the quilting.

The slave driver in me kept insisting that today I needed to at least layer this, if not actually start the quilting. The rebellious teenager in me kept whining, Nooo, I'm not ready. So I cleaned the bottoms of my irons, traced the next redwork cross pattern on the pre-cut panel, and turned to face Off the Grid. Well, at least I could make the final decision on the border, I decided.

With different lighting than when I pulled the possible candidates, there was no question as to which one was the perfect foil. And now, everything else is falling into place. Along the bottom you can see the commercial yarn I will twist with my painted one to couch along the edge. The two spools of thread will be my quilting colors. I'll trim away the center of that border fabric before fusing it to Decor Bond. I'll layer and quilt my painted fabric, make my pillow turn "mount," center my "quilt" on it over the exposed Decor Bond and fuse the two together. The final step will be to couch my twisted yarns along the unfinished edge of the quilted portion, effectively stitching all layers together.

Now I have a plan, the details pinned down, the sequence figured out. Now I can proceed, no more whining!

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