Monday, January 14, 2008

Paint Play Results

The painting of the cotton yarn from my paint play session on Friday did not work quite as I had anticipated. As you can see from the picture, the color is right for use on "Off the Grid" but the paint did not travel as much throughout the ball as I thought it would. I wanted longer lengths of really dark sections, and only bits of the very light. Perhaps the yarn wasn't wet enough before I applied the paint, or perhaps I should have spritzed it several times after applying the paint. I thought about re-wetting it and applying more, or perhaps trying another color on it, but the parts that are dark at this point are a little stiff - all the pigment settled in a concentrated area. I don't need to add to that. I planned to twist several strands together or twist it with another yarn anyway, so I think I'll just go with it the way it is.

The tints from the waste water, on the other hand, turned out quite well. When I dipped the first one, I forgot about pigment settling to the bottom of the cup, so I used the wadded up fabric to "stir" and it picked up a lot of pigment in a few areas. I was afraid I wouldn't like this, but it actually worked well on these two. The larger piece in a lovely orchid while the smaller piece runs more to lavender. Not sure how well that comes through on the computer screen, and not sure why the two would be markedly different having been dipped in the same solution. There are fine veins of darker color running throughout, and then a few intense areas - a true marble effect. I may use these as the base for my next experiment: rubbings.

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