Thursday, January 17, 2008

Change of Plans

This cloth is like a chameleon. Every time I move it, the "pink" in it changes quality. I did my minimal quilting today and put it up on the design board, "border" fabric behind it. I wasn't sure how closely I wanted to space the undulating lines, so kept them wide to begin. Quilted along paint lines to delineate a few squares/rectangles. The curvy lines are not enough, the blocked areas too plain. That "pink" driving me nuts.

This often happens to me: I get attached to what's going on in the top and fear that too much quilting will obscure it. Not to worry, I decided. This NEEDED more going on. So back under the needle it went. I briefly considered some hand stitching with a heavier thread in the squares, then thought about how much I liked the close parallel stitching in September's Journal quilt here. Another deep breath and away I went, using the purple variegated thread. It shades those areas just a bit, and I was intrigued by how much of the subtle paint design I could still see through it. It reminds me of looking through a screen.

Once this was done and I studied it some more, I felt fairly certain I needed to add more undulating lines. How closely I will space them is yet to be seen. What do you think?

Oh, and the flap itself answered the question about whether to apply interfacing to its back. Once I stitched along the fold line, it refused to flop down. Now I think I will tack the corner, maybe even add a bead. The process is fluid, that's for sure.

I've also started hand quilting on my nephew's quilt again. I've done so little on it since moving. It's one of the first things I blogged about way back here and here. At the risk of jinxing myself, I've made finishing it this year one of my few resolutions.

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