Tuesday, January 08, 2008


A Pottery Barn catalog came the other day, and the first page sucked me right in. Those are my colors alright.

I've never purchased anything from the Pottery Barn, but I sure do love looking through their catalogs. The gorgeous way they use color in the various rooms gives me lots of ideas - not for decorating, but for quilting. I particularly liked the reddish tone of the furniture here against that rich navy.

I sometimes stumble on ways of combining colors to jar me out of my usual rut. Here's more of the oranges, browns and greens in this tumble of pillows. See? I'd never think to throw in that blue with the green.

The catalog even had this nifty color wheel of sorts.

Unfortunately, they turned me off with their use of the term "Ecochic." Oh, puleeze! Besides, I hardly call adding a mere 5% organic cotton to their bedding qualifies as eco-anything. Nice try, though.

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Michele said...

I love catalogs for this reason, too! I sometimes cut out pictures and paste them into my journal just because I love the colors or patterns together.