Tuesday, January 29, 2008

January Snowdrop

It's going to be a long time until the first blooms of spring emerge. When I saw this glob of snow hanging from the branch, I decided it was winter's answer to the snowdrops of spring. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this before. I have no idea what the snow would be clinging to in order to build up like this. I'm sure there's nothing on the end of that branch, except perhaps a small leaf. It is quite large - maybe 6 to 8 inches long.

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The Wittering Rainbow said...

I've been reading your posts and looking at the photos of your snow and thinking that if that amount of snow fell in the UK, we'd grind to a complete halt - and make the most enormous fuss about it as well. It's very beautiful but I hope it melts soon so you can get out and about if you want to and don't need to worry about being stranded. What does your dog think of it?