Monday, November 24, 2008

A little interruption

I'll not have much to report, I suspect, over the next few days. I had my expensive dental procedure done today, which they jauntily call an apicoectomy. While not as bad to go through as the brochure might indicate, it has left two incisions with stitches. The afternoon has been spent carefully downing a very large jamocha shake as well as the requisite pain pills and antibiotics, and cozying up to an icepack. I've had this done twice before, so know that this bit of discomfort is highly preferable to the pain that would remain if I did nothing.

I may feel up to a little handwork tomorrow between the salt water and antiseptic rinses required until the stitches come out. By Wednesday I hope to get started on the giveaway postcards (don't forget to sign up by November 27 here to win one of three I'll be giving away). But I've promised myself not to push it. The older we get, the longer it takes to heal, and healing requires slowing down a bit and letting the body work.

By the way, welcome to the two latest readers to become official followers of the blog. I recognize the other followers either from past comments or because I follow their blogs. htanner & tonks are new to me and I appreciate your interest in my blog.

Ok, time to go find that icepack...



Poor you! take care and hope you feel better soon. Didn't quite understand the cake though. Don't get me wrong, I understand the need for cake, just not what a jamocha cake is. (Jam and Mocha??)

The Idaho Beauty said...

That's "shake" as in milkshake, not cake. It's a coffee flavored milkshake from the fast food chain Arby's. It's one of my comfort foods - I could tell you lots of stories tied to it, but somewhere along the line, it became the console-er after major dental work. A treat that is even on my list of recommended sustenance these first few days!

Anonymous said...

Dental work just before Thanksgiving? Bad planning. Sounds like a "liquid diet" on Thursday!


Dale Anne Potter said...

OUCH - just the reading of it all is painful. I hope your recovery goes quickly and smoothly!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING....a Cdn. wishing I could celebrate another one!!!