Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Postcards Continued...

So much for plans...I did NOT get as far on the postcards yesterday as I thought I might. I totally forgot that I needed to conduct a glue test, the results of which would determine how I would proceed with the stitching. I also forgot that there was a 4th postcard unrelated to these first three that I wanted to make. So I set up my glue test and proceeded to choose fabrics for this new postcard that you see on the left. It is inspired by a photo I took from my back yard and uses some of the same fabrics as the journal quilt version, "Wisdom."

Today, I got up my courage to start the stitching. Part of the courage part has to do with the fact I'd be dropping my feeddogs and testing the repair on my machine. I need to do more extensive stitching before I am sure, but for these short runs, the machine performed flawlessly and my confidence soared.

Click on the picture to see the stitching better. I feel that I should do something in the mountain area of the one on the left and the sky of the one on the right, but I'm not sure what to do. I had limited time today, so I will let these sit overnight and see what I think tomorrow. I'd really like to finish them up tomorrow so they can go in the mail Friday. I certainly didn't mean for this project to take all week! I can see the value of doing them production line style, the quickest no doubt being to start with a large piece of fabric and random or abstract design, then cut the result up into postcard size. I had one sketch of the river scene that could have been done this way, making one long mountain/river/riverbank scene that could be subdivided into 3 cards. But I had scraps I wanted to use and opted for what I think is a more interesting design that needed constructing one at a time. Still, I have tried to do as much consolidating of steps as possible, in the spirit of chain stitching, which has helped move things along.

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