Monday, November 03, 2008


...I felt better both physically and mentally. Enough so to want to do something in the studio finally. But not sit and sew. Standing felt pretty good. So I decided to take care of some fabric that's been sitting on my dryer for months, some pieces bought with birch quilts in mind. It's been sitting so long because quite a few of the pieces are batiks and batiks tend to have a lot of excess dye in them. I've gotten into the habit of checking each one in the sink, and if they bleed, I keep soaking and rinsing until the dye stops running. These are fairly light colors, so you wouldn't think there'd be much excess dye, but even that light blue released quite a bit. Once washed, I ironed and folded them, ready to either store or use immediately.

I've also been sorting beads - several "free" scoops of beads that my anal retentive personality cannot stand to leave unsorted. Besides, I needed to pick out certain colors to use in Balance Check and the tie quilt. I find that when there are a lot of different colors, a muffin tin makes for an excellent sorting bin. I finished sorting most of the miscellaneous beads, some of which I already had in little bags.

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Mary Stori said...

My.....what a handsome bead sampler you've got pictured! Grinning.... And, hey, my "A" type personality requires sorting of beads too!