Friday, November 21, 2008

Orchid, Lavendar & Black Beads

I may be done with the beading. These lovely orchid beads used as spacers between the black bugles look almost pink against the dark plum background fabric.

This is how I resolved the problem block. Ditched the yellow/gold beads altogether and used a variety of black seed beads interspersed with those gunmetal grey seed beads. Ending the line of beads with a sparkle didn't look right, nor did ending with the black seed bead.

So I scrounged in my odd beads and came up with three of these larger discs that I fastened with a sparkle bead on top. The other two lines end in a large round bead of which I only had a few.

I love this lavender against the blue.

And I think that is that. There's only one other block I'm contemplating beading, but I really don't think I need to. Can you spot any blocks that look forgotten? Is the balance of beading adequate? When I look at it, my eye flows from one section to another and I'm afraid if I do more it will be too much. What do you think? Click on the picture for a large view.

Oh, and do you still approve of the orange binding???


Exuberant Color said...

I still like the orange as binding. If it had been the wrong color it would have been the first thing I saw, which it wasn't.

How about a few beads in the bottom right on the gray fabric.

jeaniality said...

e are the days of boring black bindings. Orange is great. Multi coloured ones look good to but yours looks fine.