Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Postcard Giveaway

Feeling better today, although my face is quite swollen. I was warned today would be the worst day for that. I escaped to the studio, first to clean up from my beading project, then to start thinking about the fabric postcards for my blogger anniversary giveaway - tomorrow's the last day to sign up for it (see this post to find out how.)

Here's one idea using the circles cut from "Flow" - they had fusible on them so I saved them for another project. This is it! The backgrounds are from 6 inch squares I marbled years ago.

This is another idea I'm playing with. It's something I sketched several years ago which brought to mind the expression "jockeying for position." The triangles are the hand dyed fabric trimmings from the New York Beauty block paper piecing. They went in the trash and then were retrieved when I realized I might be able to use them in this idea.

Both these designs are using up stuff on the work table so fit into my current work rules for deciding what to work on next..

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