Monday, December 15, 2008

Antique Quilts at the MAC

If antique quilts hold a fascination for you as they do for me, and if you are going to be anywhere near Spokane, WA between now and May 17th, don't miss the opportunity to see "Quiltscapes" at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture. They are putting on display 43 of the 150 quilts in their collection plus making available a PowerPoint presentation featuring all 150 quilts. The oldest quilts on display are dated 1820. I suspect this is an exhibit not to be missed. See more about the exhibit including pictures of quilts on the museum website here. Read the newspaper coverage with pic here.


brdhsbldr said...

That does look interesting.
It's been years since James and I went to Spokane.
I'm glad we have until May as this is sure not good traveling weather!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Me too, Nora. Hoping for an early spring...