Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Snow

I spent most of yesterday in shock as I looked out the window at near white-out conditions. Thank goodness the maintenance people showed up to plow - They usually only work on Tuesday and Wednesday so I felt really lucky. There was still that 9 or 10 inches of snow from the weekend which with warmer temps started to reduce itself into a mucky mess. And then this new 4 or 5 inches of fluffier stuff on top of it. I poked my nose out late in the day after it had stopped and felt sorry for the trees that had just shed their mantle of snow. Here they were all covered again.

What actually pulled me outside was a glow that looked like a sunset - sure enough, an eerie color tinged the clouds.

No sewing to report - just shoveling, bill paying, thank you note writing, running out for New Year's Eve supplies between storms and tidying up in the studio. I have a long way to go to get my end-of-the-year cleaning done, but I am making progress every day. It won't be done by January 1 but maybe by the end of the weekend. I'm hoping to fit in some sewing tomorrow. And my frame for Balance Check finally arrived today - maybe I'll tackle that tomorrow as well. Really wanted that one all wrapped up before 2009.

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Anonymous said...

T shirts here. I'm wearing long pants, but it was a toss up. Shorts in the house.

Send me some snow!!!

BC (like you didn't know who...)