Friday, December 05, 2008


My stitches came out today (the ones in my mouth) and I got a clean bill of health from the dentist - hooray! I'll be eating normally in no time. On the non-hooray side, my Viking Sapphire still has its little problem when I free-motion stitch (discovered as I was quilting the last round of postcards) so is returning to the company for another try at fixing, or to be replaced. I'm leaning towards replacement myself, but I imagine they will keep working at it instead. My patience is running thin. So it got boxed up and dropped of while I was out today. Another hooray - the dealership is located in a small mall which makes lugging the machine to the store a pain. But there's a service door that he uses when you pick up a repair, telling you to pull right up to the door. My plan was to pull into the firelane, call him on my cell phone and tell him I was sitting there waiting for him to get the machine. Instead, he was already standing there having a smoke break - hooray!

The indulgence part came between the dentist appt and the dealership. I decided to see how close I could park to the downtown Coldwater Creek store - usually I can't get within a block. To my delight, I found an easy to slip into spot right in front of the store. Karma, I decided, good vibes radiating. With coupon in hand, I scored on a few gift items and a hat for me and was on my way. Oh, but I was right across the street from a Hallmark shop and in need of a small 2009 calendar to carry in my purse, so I zipped across to see what they had. The only thing remotely like what I was looking for! Well, this is just too good. I decided to walk down the block and treat myself to a stroll through the artist co-op. So many lovely things to fill my senses, and a lovely artist on duty willing to chat about woven bead jewelry (her specialty) vs beading on textiles (which she had tried with a most unsatisfactory result). I didn't purchase anything, although I was tempted by a bowl which felt wonderful cupped in my hands and sporting a glaze in my favorite browns. Another bowl I do not need, but this one would certainly fit in with the rest of my collection.

I haven't had anything to show these last few days - I'm quilting the border of the redwork cross quilt (see previous post) when I'm not working on Christmas cards. I stood far too long at lake's edge yesterday as an ever changing sunset tinted the water pink and made me wish I had my camera with me. The picture above was taken two years ago and shows a bit of that tinge I saw yesterday. I haven't been down there for awhile, and it was so beautiful that I decided it was an indulgence I could afford. The preparation of the calendar I hoped to have ready for my cafepress shop by today turned out to be more involved than I anticipated. Lots of thinking through of how I want to present the images, what text to add, composing the cover. I'm just now ready to start the scanning and tweaking. Maybe before weekend's end, if I don't fall prey to indulgences again! Stay tuned...

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