Monday, December 22, 2008

From Holiday Mode to Holiday Mood

I needed a small hostess gift for Christmas day, so just for fun, I decided to make one of these folded ornaments. This fabric is one I got in a guild Christmas fat quarter exchange - so not me. Serves me right - if I remember correctly, my contribution to the exchange was a very old print foisted on me by my mother-in-law after making wreaths one year. However, this snowman print works up nicely in these ornaments and I love the buttons I found in my collection handed down to me from my grandmother and mother. Yes, I made more than one, because I am now thoroughly in a holiday mood, can think of a few other people to give them to and was motivated to use up this fabric. Three was all I could get out of it and now I'm wondering what or what will I find to do with the 4 or 5 inch strip and a few scraps left?

I have what now seems like a ridiculous amount of Christmas fabric in my stash. The stack I pulled to choose from was at least 8" high - most of it quite beautiful. I'd been buying pieces here and there like one does, but then I got a chance to buy a huge bundle at quite a discount so I went for it. I don't remember now if most of those are fat quarters or 1/2 yards, but I'm pretty sure my intention was to have plenty to choose from when I got around to making a Christmas quilt. Have the pattern, background fabric and a fabulous border print all set aside. Plaids in reds and greens as well ready to mix in with those Christmas prints to make a scrappy holiday throw. I'm guessing these have been waiting at least 4 years for me to get to them. I still want to make the quilt, still think I will some day, but as I look at that stack of Christmas prints, I know I won't begin to put a dent in them with that one quilt.

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Exuberant Color said...

I do the same thing, buy Christmas fabrics, a few a year and I don't make Christmas tree skirts any more so I should stop buying. Maybe this is the year to do the Christmas in July thing and use up some of the fabric.