Saturday, December 20, 2008

Present to Self

Here's what I did in the studio today. Not much but one more thing that's been hanging out on my work table waiting for attention. This picture shows a purse I crocheted a few years ago when I first discovered the Sari silk yarn. One skein was plenty for this simple bag. I lined it with the dragonfly batik fabric and included an inside pocket for those little things one doesn't like floating loose in the bottom of one's purse. Unfortunately, the pocket was too small.

When I found the pattern for the "Knick-Knack Sack" I intended to make one to slip in this purse to hold those little goodies. I made samples in both sizes (see the first one I made here), then never got back to making one with the dragonfly fabric...until today. The lighter batik is what I decided to use for lining. I had to dig a bit, but I found the pattern and zipper along with some WonderUnder cut to size on the far end of the table behind a stack of fabric and pages pulled from magazines. I definitely have to do some filing next week!

I was reminded about the "sack" because the purse has been in my studio waiting for me to shorten up the strap - it keeps stretching under the weight of what I carry in it. Actually, I hadn't used it much both because of the stretched strap and the need for the little sack. With the strap fixed, it made sense to get that little bag made.

Here you can see the lining. The pattern suggests making the outer pocket in a contrasting material, but I chose to use the same fabric as the rest of the outside. I cut the pieces such that plenty of dragonfly would show. This bag finishes to about 5" by 4' and actually is a smidgen small for my needs. But if I put some things in it and the rest in the lining pocket, I think I can get by. I now remember what those notes on the pattern were all about...I was supposed to experiment with sizing this bag between the pattern's small and big size. I have plenty of both fabrics; maybe I'll give it another go. In the meantime, I'm better off than I was.

Note: This bag does not easily slip in the purse since the lining is cotton and so is the bag. I see the virtue of using satin linings in my handmade purses in the future. Also, this smaller size's outer pocket is perfect for business cards and my small tracfone fits nicely in the main section. Perhaps that is the use it is destined for someday.

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Nora said...

Your crocheted purse reminds me of a wonderful little crocheted bag my great grandmother gave me when I was a little girl.
It was crocheted of multiple strands of a rich multicoloured string. I'll have to dig it out of my treasures and see if I can give it new life.