Saturday, December 27, 2008

Now I AM Snowed In

It was with shock that I looked out this morning to 9 inches of fresh snow. Guess I should have believed the weatherwoman last night, but she's been so vague lately. When she says "1 to 3 ft of snow in the mountains" you don't know if she means on the passes or in the valleys. It's getting dark now, still snowing and at last check another 2 inches had fallen. This is wetter stuff than we've had previously - I didn't even make it to the mailbox with my shovel before giving up. It was when I hit that extra layer of salted sanded muck the plow throws up on the shoulder that demoralized me.

Three cheers for the postperson! She'd proudly announced earlier that she would not be thwarted by the snows this year, having purchased a 4-wheel drive rig. True to her word, she forced her way partly up the driveway to deliver some packages. Now I have in hand my 2009 calendar from my store. As with the greeting cards, the clarity and detail of my quilts on each page is stunning. If you haven't settled on a calendar for 2009, perhaps you would consider hanging mine - A Year of Quilted Birch Trees.


Pat said...

Oh, how I'd love to trade places with you (I think). Our high temp here in Ohio was close to 70 degrees today.

Scrappy Cat said...

That's a lot of snow! Living in Oklahoma, we don't see a lot of snow, mostly ice. Your knick knack sacks are lovely.


Cripes! What a lot of snow. Its very very beautiful though-some lovely photos. I'm in admiration of your postie getting through it all - amazing dedication! Thanks for your lovely comments this year on my blog; I hope 2009 is wonderful for you and yours x

Anonymous said...

It's 75 here. Heck--I'd trade with Ohio!

Send me some of your snow!!!