Friday, December 26, 2008

More "Knick Knack Sacks"

I made these Wednesday, and think I may have this out of my system now. At least, I've made up the ones I had fabric set aside for on the end of the work table. Still some zippers down there, but I think I'm putting it away for a later day. Yeah! A tiny square of blank space on my table!

The one on the bottom is the larger size and the only one of the three made to pattern specs. I soon realized that I could adjust the measurements to suit my taste as long as it worked with the length of zipper on hand. The one on the upper left is perhaps my favorite, both because of the material and because of its size. The one on the right, though smaller, is still a good size, and used the vertical dimension of the larger sack.

The back of that one is a small piece of fabric that was part of a dye discharge experiment. These were squiggles of bleach drawn on with a laundry bleach pen. The lining of the other one is a piece of fabric I marbled with less than stellar results. But it works ok for a lining.

As I worked through these, I remembered that I once thought these would be perfect places to showcase small pieces of specialty fabrics like the dye discharge and the stamping I've done, and also might be a place to lay down lots of threads - either with couching or just rows of decorative stitching. But I was feeling rushed and not in the mood to play with threadwork on my old cranky machine. My "good" machine is still hanging out at Viking - no word on its progress, but I'm hoping the delay is just that they are really putting it through its paces, maybe even tearing it down like a car engine, to track down its problem. I still have plenty of things not requiring its presence to keep me busy for awhile.

As for today? Had to dig out the part of the driveway next to the hwy, push the 5" of snow from yesterday off the car and shovel a bit around it too so I could go mail a pkg, go to the bank and pick up some milk. Sundries before settling back in for the weekend. No desire whatsoever to hit the studio - just want to finish my Richard Russo novel.

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