Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Eureka! (and some postcards)

Look what I found in the Perle cotton I use when satin stitching the edges of fabric postcards. I keep overflow thread spools and various embellishing threads including these in a basket. Yes, I sort of looked for the Sharpie pen in that basket, but obviously only half-heartedly. I suppose I may have been using it to write on the back of the postcards I made back in April, but I didn't notice it was missing until mid-June. Must have gathered it up with the Perle cotton when I put it away. No matter, what was lost is now found and I am a happy camper.

So here are my 5 fabric postcards, all receiving their edge finish and labeling today. Two Easter ones (fussy cut novelty fabric with monofilament thread machine quilting picking out the details):

Two based on Bishop's Close From Afar (from leftover tissue sunprinted fabric):

And another Jockeying For Position (shapes trimmed from previous project arranged on paint wipe cloth):

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June said...

I like this "jockeying" even better, but no, I'm not doing two paintings this month. I'll be lucky to make it through one, at least at the rate I've been working....