Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Row Robin

I'm working on the next row robin to come my way, and once again, it belongs to a friend who follows the blog and would rather not know how her quilt top is coming along. I've been looking forward to this one arriving because I knew ahead of time that she had chosen a Halloween theme, and I had a pattern tucked away that I hoped would work. Good news - it will! And it is also a great opportunity to get out those orange fabrics that don't get much air.

So I can't show you my pattern, but I think I can safely share that it is applique, requiring many shapes to be traced onto fusible web, applied to fabric and cut out.

There's some fussy cutting too.

This is the starter row, part of a commercial pattern for a full size quilt. The pattern came with the row in case we needed some inspiration or Halloween characters to add. I'm the 4th person to add a row, and I have to say, I think we are putting together a better Halloween quilt than the original! Aren't I lucky to have it in hand when Halloween is only a few weeks away? It's getting me in the spirit...


Deborah said...

it's a fun time to be working with orange!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes it is! The leaves are starting to fall and I realized that I actually use these oranges quite a lot, at least the more muted ones. I finished up the row today and am very pleased with use of many oranges.