Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Exhibit

I feel like I'm stuck in a revolving door of exhibiting. Yesterday, it was taking down my ArtWalk exhibit, today it was putting up a different grouping at my church for our Oktoberfest/Art show tomorrow. ArtWalk went up at the end of July and I thought I would get a break. Then I received a notice of a September exhibit and hustled to finish my Bishop's Close pieces for it. For the church exhibit I'm using both some older pieces and ones from ArtWalk. But I'm not done yet...I've just received an invitation to exhibit during November & December, so again, I'll be pushing to finish a few new pieces. Whew! I'm glad to have so many local opportunities but I could use a break. I've had to do some creative shuffling of art work to keep all venues fresh.

Set up was easier this year than last as we are farther along on our renovation project. The wall my quilts hang on is only primed but that's a big improvement over the patched drywall of last year. The ladies helping today like asymmetrical groupings and packing the walls. I'm a little uncomfortable with it, but have to admit it does allow us to hang more work. Above are watercolor paintings by Susan Wall.

This grouping is more watercolors by Maureen Hackworthy.

And our photographer, Geoffrey Cant, is back.

Karen Applegate agreed to share her cross-stitch and needlepoint, although she is not willing to part with any of them. I know the feeling.

Several other members have contributed oil paintings, woven baskets and other art. We're hoping for at least as many sales as we had last year, but in this economy, you can't count on anything.


Fran├žoise said...

Congratulations on the exhibitions. Your quilts look great.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks! I got lots of positive comments on them today, so I am feeling pretty good about it all.

Deborah said...

nice exhibits

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks, Deborah!